The conference will take place at the Instituto Universitario de Investigación para el Desarrollo Social Sostenible (INDESS) building, located at the Campus Universitario de La Asunción, in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.

The accreditation area will be located in the foyer of the building, while the LASI Europe sessions will take place in the main INDESS auditorium, which can accommodate up to 90 people.

Picture of the INDESS building

Campus de la Asunción

The Campus de la Asunción is the campus of the University of Cádiz in Jerez de la Frontera, also known as the Campus de Jerez, where social sciences and law are the main subjects taught.

Within the Campus de la Asunción itself, there is a student canteen where we can have lunch during the celebration of the event.

Similarly, near the campus there are numerous bars and restaurants where you can also go to eat if you want to escape from the university environment for a while.

View of the Campus de la Asunción, also known as the Campus de Jerez

Jerez de la Frontera

Situated in the heart of Andalusia, Jerez embodies the very essence of Spanish culture. Famous throughout the world for its wine production and its famous Spanish thoroughbred horses, our city provides an unparalleled setting for LASI Europe.

Jerez de la Frontera offers a cultural diversity that captivates all visitors. Among its most famous attractions are visits to its traditional wine cellars, where you can discover the centuries-old art of sherry making and taste some of the region’s finest wines. The city is also famous for its equestrian show at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, where the grace and skill of the dancing horses provide a unique experience.

In addition to its rich culture, Jerez de la Frontera boasts a privileged location that allows visitors to explore the stunning beaches nearby. Coastal towns such as Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, Rota, Sanlúcar and Chipiona are just a short drive away and offer a wide range of coastal experiences and opportunities to enjoy the sun and sea.

Statue of Gonzalez Byass next to Jerez Cathedral

Horseback riding in the Jerez Fair

View of Bolonia Beach