Finantial Support

LASI Europe and the Doctoral Consortium do not have registration fees. Additionally, for this DC event, we will provide financial support to at least six PhD students to cover the costs related to accommodation and a potential contribution towards other travel-related expenses.  

A limited amount of scholarships is available for PhD students to cover meals and accommodation. The scholarships will be distributed based on the quality of the submitted proposals and phase of the PhD work. To apply for the scholarship, please, answer “YES” to the corresponding question in the PhD student proposal form (see above). To participate in the competition for scholarships, please submit a full PhD proposal before the deadline. The scholarships are sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Research and Innovation (Action RED2022-134284-T). 

For the rest of the participants, Erasmus+ can be used to fund participation at LASI Spain 2024. Erasmus+ has multiple possibilities to fund the academic staff to participate in training events as learners (learning mobility) and instructors (teaching mobility). If you are interested in knowing about this possibility, you can contact first the office of your own University and then any of the local organizers of LASI Europe 2024. 

Project and group presentations at LASI Europe 2024 can also be treated as dissemination events, which can eventually make it feasible getting financial support from the project.